I Didn't Realise

I Didn't Realize

Street Story: For most people, the idea of talking with a stranger is not exactly first on their to-do list, however I am addicted to stories, and talking to strangers is what I do. I do not search for a specific person, I just walk the streets until someone catches my eye and I become intrigued by their potential story. When I came across this soul he looked emotionally weathered, and his face, along with his shirt was stained here and there with dried blood. He made a joke about trying to look presentable for a job, and cut himself with a razer in the process “I can’t apply now”. I explained that a quick shirt change and a better looking patch job on the face would land him that job in no time. I knew he needed money, so I asked him if I could take his photo, and I would pay him for his modelling work, he laughed at that “me, a model, that’s a new one haha”. I took a few photos, he tried to smile, and I said “how do you actually feel?” After a moment he stared at the camera and this was his lost expression.
He asked if he could see the photo, so of course I showed him.
He paused a moment, and then he just said “I didn’t realise it got this bad”.
“The cut you mean?”
No he replied darkly, “Me”.

Where On Earth: Calgary, Alberta, Canada