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Photography is a complicated business, but I have been navigating the tricky waters for quite a while now, and I want to help you!

Understanding social media, editing for print, curating your portfolio with a discerning eye, these are just some of the professional advice I have to offer. Whether you are shooting a live even, a wedding, or building up a series for a future gallery showing, I have hands on knowledge learned from hard mistakes being made.

Using Skype to reach out to photographers worldwide, I am always excited to hear your stories, and help you move ahead even further into your photography as a profession.


Each and every session booked comes with a free 1/2 hour “get yourself acquainted” session. This will allow for a much more organic learning experience for you, and hopefully will make this a much more memorable experience.

Relevant Topics To Discuss (but not limited to) are:

-How to find that story inside and bring it out effectively in a photo.
-How to price your service properly.
-Portfolio review and critique.
-Social Media and Business advice
-Working with one flash and natural light.
-Preparing your first gallery showing.
-Understanding that your environment is also a model.

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