Through The Faceless
Creative Intention

Through The Faceless is inspired by my own ideas behind spirituality and the search for something pure and true to your own core self.

People generally need labels to know what they are looking that, and even who they are looking at.

They require a word to attach to a thing or a face, in order to form a comfortable opinion to stand firm with. It is this label that acts as a cornerstone for so many of us, and it is why we inevitably create divisions where none need to be; even within our own selves.

The search for the real you starts with you thinking that you know who you are to some degree, and that idea, that label, is who we hold onto as we travel through the unknown to find something that feels more like home.

It is when you walk more than a few feet into your own psyche, when you truly commit to putting some distance between you and your current self that you start to lose your own idea of who you are and the label you attach to you.

Spirituality in any form takes both courage and hope. It takes a daring soul that accepts the solitary path with its conflicted horizons and unknown emotional perils. This is not a road with an end or even a road at all, but a set of ever shifting guidelines to use to reach destinations forever unknown to us.

Our desire to survive is met only by our desire to avoid pain, and the unknown is labelled as the scariest face of all. Still, we walk ahead into the great void gathering experiences as we tread along unfamiliar paths, forever trying to see a reflection in the mind’s eye that might somehow look like us.

Written by Ryan Donnelly

I have been stopping time for over eight years now, while placing my thoughts upon the blank page for even longer. For me, art is about the story, the message, and although the tales I tell are sometimes in complete juxtaposition with one another, they are all a part of the novel that is “I”.