Creative Intention

The most important instances in our lives can usually be stripped down to a single moment alone.

It is in that moment of rumination where one finds the voices that speak of hope or darker things. This one specific point in time where the clock stops its relentless pursuit of the end of our days, and where a form of clarity breaks through the surface and reaches out into the sky above. These moments of emotional purgatory that cling to us like gravity soaked memories, how they become the cornerstone to the future spires that we build, or the catalyst for the ones that we choose rip down instead.
Our days are micro managed and bloated with the expectations of responsibility, and always does a war drum play a song of slavery, but it is in rumination where true silence can be found.

Rumination is an image about that moment where man can become a hero or a monster, where a decision is formed, and whether the world is better or worse for it does not matter, but one thing is for sure…the world will not remain the same.

Written by Ryan Donnelly
I have been stopping time for over eight years now, while placing my thoughts upon the blank page for even longer. For me, art is about the story, the message, and although the tales I tell are sometimes in complete juxtaposition with one another, they are all a part of the novel that is "I".