My Retirement Plan

Creative Intention

I’m not going to lie, I am unsure about my retired future at this point, but thankfully is looks like I am not alone in this precarious boat, as many others I know are just as apprehensive about their elderly future as I am. Perhaps I have myself to blame for not buying into the banks financial strategies or the nine-to-five corporate grind? Maybe it’s this eternal desire to live in the moment, you know, the way you read about in inspirational quotes on Facebook? Or maybe retirement is simply too far away to think about right now?

Either way I do know this, the world itself feels like it is currently running off fear, anxiety, and the fumes of hope. It is as if everyone is running around like wild ostriches looking for places to bury their heads in the ground…and I can’t blame them, it’s starting to seem like exactly the right thing to do.

Fear is not a quiet feeling; it hums in the background when you are distracted and screams in your head when you are not. Anxiety is as heavy as gravity, and so many of these great souls walk around all day long with these two as company.

“I tried to escape this world of concrete and dead gods. I ran to the forest and a far away from the nearest soul, and even that wasn’t far enough, because there is no outrunning what lies in your own heart. So I did what any responsible human would do; I dug a hole and placed my head inside, and it was quiet, for a moment”.

Written by Ryan Donnelly
I have been stopping time for over eight years now, while placing my thoughts upon the blank page for even longer. For me, art is about the story, the message, and although the tales I tell are sometimes in complete juxtaposition with one another, they are all a part of the novel that is "I".