Forage And Exist

Creative Intention

There is no denying our incredible ability to survive against all odds.

Forage And Exist is a celebration of the human spirit. This image tries to capture one of the greatest gifts that I have ever known; the will to overcome.
It is the awesome power of this human will that moves people beyond their own pain and towards a better outcome.
This life is not easy, this world is not a walkthrough, this universe is not personal, and it takes a thick skin with a lot of scar tissue to brave our coldest days; but that is what makes the human survival instinct so impressive, the fact that against all odds we still attempt to make it through another day.

Of course, survival alone is only enough for the physical body, and without a deeper desire for fulfillment, met with a focused action, we often times find ourselves in a state of stagnant existence.
When we choose to exist alone, we choose to walk as ghosts within our own cold forests, and no matter how much wood and resources we collect, it will never amount to a fire warm enough to ignite our own souls; this is why we must do more than survive, and why we must pay attention to the deeper calling of our own spirits, because survival for survivals sake will never be enough.

“We chose to see ourselves as birds among the forest floor, with wings clipped and unable to fly. We searched for reasons to exist but not for reasons to live. It was only when we searched for more than what was just enough, that we realized our feet were no longer touching the ground at all”—Forage And Exist by Ryan Donnelly

Written by Ryan Donnelly

I have been stopping time for over eight years now, while placing my thoughts upon the blank page for even longer. For me, art is about the story, the message, and although the tales I tell are sometimes in complete juxtaposition with one another, they are all a part of the novel that is “I”.