Dark Noise

Creative Intention

I have always regarded life much like an author regards the blank page; filled with both excitement and a certain apprehension for its awesome potential.
What I choose to do next might create a beautiful story that meanders along inspired paths, or it might just as likely lead towards a painful conclusion from the wrong steps taken.
“Dark Noise” is an image inspired from that moment before a decision is made, the very moment where everything is possible, and in the quiet of that reflective moment there is a dark noise that resonates within you; this sound that beats like a war drum; bringing forth an army of distractions and potential vices to submit yourself to, once again.
Our intentions may be pure, our resolve as iron clad as it has ever been, but that terrible imp eternally rests upon our shoulders, whispering in our ears all the worries that we have tried to bury deep for as long as we can remember.
“One more drink my friend”
“Your words will never move another soul”
“Just one more drink my old friend”
“You have left no time to win this battle”
“Only one more drink, because you always have tomorrow”.

Written by Ryan Donnelly

I have been stopping time for over eight years now, while placing my thoughts upon the blank page for even longer. For me, art is about the story, the message, and although the tales I tell are sometimes in complete juxtaposition with one another, they are all a part of the novel that is “I”.